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Schlachthofbronx - Dun Dem / Soundbad

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Part 1 of a killlerrr double drop on ZamZam Sounds!

"We at ZamZam have long been fans of Schlachthofbronx’s genre-smashing club tracks that harness and hybridize bass music styles from Germany, UK, Jamaica, Mexico, Brazil, and beyond. But when we heard the dark dub of last year’s “Blurred Vision” we knew we had to reach out. Little did we know the duo was already into ZamZam, paving the way to an eagerly anticipated release championed on dubplate by selectors from The Bug to O.B.F. to Toddla T.

The Munich pair's ZamZam pushes a sound that's intutive and familiar, yet unlike anything else out there. Schlachthofbronx have carved out an absolutely unique and steely-eyed take on punishing dubwise informed not only by post-punk, house, electro, industrial, and traditional dub reggae principles, but by the legendary 60,000 watt Elemental Wave rig they host their Blurred Vision night on. Imagine an alternative musical universe where PIL, Mad Professor, and Basic Channel hole up in the Batcave for a pitch-black sound system rave and you’re getting the picture.

“Dun Dem”’s ring-modulating lead works its way into unsuspecting ears while the projectile kick drum calls in an extended intro that builds into one of the most satisfying drops we’ve ever heard in a steppers tune. A blackened bassline of pure dub fire drives galloping clave and 4/4 sleigh bells deeper and deeper into a flooded cavern of reverb and dark delights.

“Soundbad” is more maximal minimalism, wringing super-saturated color from deceptively simple elements, marrying a massive dub bassline to smeared white noise snares and rockers hi hats, twisting and rebounding lasers and warped FX into claustrophobic reverb traps.

Both tunes were tested, worked, & reworked through Schlachthofbronx’ non-stop global touring schedule. Results in the dance speak for themselves - we think you’ll have trouble knowing which side to reach for first. Do you want a sound system missile, or a sound system bomb??"

Limited edition, vinyl-only, served in good-lookin, hand screenprinted sleeve, designed by Polygon Press.

Dun Dem