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The seminal collection of German duo Schlachthofbronx arrives on our doorstep - a compilation of the three excellent Haul & Pull Up EPs which spanned pretty much every soundsystem genre you could care to think of, and in the process confusing the hell out of lowly shops like ours as to how bloody describe the thing.

One thing that unified the three EPs, and this package as a result, is the excellent deployment of some top vocalists. Riko Dan, Warrior Queen, Brainfeeder affiliate Gonjasufi, Doubla J all provide their own unique flavours to their respective cuts, from the dominating command of Riko Dan on Copper & Lead (which is an absolute banger by the way) to the surrealist Cali-haze of Gonjasufi's totally unique vocal style. The label themselves put best the versatility on offer here:

"Even though this album is 100% club and soundsystem ready and probably will get the occasional rewind when played (haul & pull up – check!), this record goes way beyond that context. The dance imperatives from tunes like Pump Drop Wine with its disgustingly good sounding bassline, or from U Mad and its high fueled Footwork meets arpeggio madness…all that gets easily balanced by versatile productions like the dubby Blurred Vision or the floating Take It Low with Doubla J from Costa Rica on vocals.

Plus you will even discover songs that have the potential to work as leftfield pop songs as well: On Bitch Better Have My Money, the guys have Otto von Schirach from Miami as a guest and indulge in their joint passion for all things Booty Bass, ending up with a fun and catchy (yet obviously x-rated) song. But maybe the highlight in this regard is Electone, an instrumental beauty of a song on which Jakob and Benedikt combine multiple layers of melodies with a propulsive beat, evoking feelings of melancholy, happiness and wanderlust until collapsing in a sweet conversation of steeldrum-not-steeldrums with the eponymous Electone organ from Yamaha."

This cassette, if it's anything like the EP we had last year (which it is, all of those tracks are on here), this is a hot tip and will be gone in a flash - be warned!

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Copper & Lead (feat. Riko Dan)

Blurred Vision

Killer (feat. Warrior Queen)

Siren Riddim