• Scope Otaku - 4040
  • Scope Otaku - 4040

Scope Otaku - 4040

Scope Otaku

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One little extra handful has been handed over to us just recently at Fairfield Club, Govan - and now in Bristol, at RWDFWD HQ ready for dispatch -

Another parcel has arrived via our pen pal Scope Otaku, sent straight to us from the confines of his dub box (aka studio) in Glasgow -

Following that gone-in-a-flash tape-only excursion 'Scars Of Babylon', this new package now contains a CD, burned straight from the spot where Scope Otaku dishes out excursions of versions of ruff & tuff dubwise abstraction, and presented in fine DIY style. 

The only way you can hear these unique dub-infected excursions is via these CDs - created, and presented by Scope Otaku in true 'do it yourself' spirit.
(although, we do have the permission to give you a DL with the purchase too, but keep it for your ears only!).

Contained within these CDs are nine previously unheard tracks, all instrumental.
If you liked the sounds of Scars Of Babylon (or if you missed out and want a slice!) then you'll be bang into these too.

4040, contains a slew of infectious, slow motion dubwise rhythms -
immersive, bottomless-pit reverberations spurred on by basslines and thumping drums, heartbeat style. Squelched synthlines and FX slide through faders and aux returns (that's the dub style) and season the bassweight with salt and pepper, and spice, and a splash of buckfast.

On the first round of tracks, the step is ultra heavy and immersive. It's sounding like a proper extra terrestrial space signal that's somehow tapped into the sound of Jamaica in the 70's, but caught some interference from Tangerine Dream's early synth experiments in it's broadcast, only to spit it all back with a skewed signal ratio, stretching the pace into something more expansive, that wouldn't go amiss in a Vangelis soundtrack (see track 3 'Intrusion Countermeasures').

On Track 4 - we find a version of 'Bad Kush Dub' - which goes even deeper into the depths - here, the radar must've swept past a ghostly reverberation stuck in the courtyard of Hard Wax from the basic channel days - but once beamed up back to that spaceship, it's sounding more future facing, aka a touch darker and more twisted (welcome to post 2020 baby).

If the first half of this CD was to open the gates into various dubwise worlds via outer space signals, then the 2nd half sounds like our connection with earth has now been lost, and we're now drifting in the atmosphere, re-organising the frequencies we collected on that first trip into something that's tuned into strange planets, unfamilar territory - time to turn off the machines, and meditate on spaceweight.

Edition of not many - so be quick if you'd like one.
Hand written title and stamp added to the outer sleeve.



Armchair Astronaught

NTTC - Hungry Ghost Dub

Intrusion Countermeasures

Bad Dub Kush Version


Circle Of Protection

Lost And Empty


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