• Scopeotaku - Scars Of Babylon
  • Scopeotaku - Scars Of Babylon
  • Scopeotaku - Scars Of Babylon

Scopeotaku - Scars Of Babylon

Scope Otaku

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DIY tape-dub maneuvres from Scope Otaku, emerging with 'Scars of Babylon', sending cold dub waves down from up north - hand-assembled, and presented in underground style on tape-only - we've probably got the only copies outside of the streets of Glasgow right now.

Across 13 tracks from the vaults of Scope Otaku's studio zone, we get to enter a particularly hazy mesh of dub electronics and industrial dancehall rhythms. Even tape-saturated, dubbed out musique concrete and splashings of Basic Channel esque depths can be found inside. The mood is heavy and cavernous, and utterly dubwise. But, as is the case with original reggae too, there is a sense of playfulness in the music also... But in Scars Of Babylon, Scope Otaku looks at roots music and blends it through a raw, experimental and vast palette of signifiers from various eras and sounds - the music is presented here with a skewed, introspective approach that at times reminds of SKRSINTL, O$VMV$M, 7Fo, Tapes, or maybe the common denominator such as weirder B side dubs on certain 80's & 90's Jammy's 7's, film sound track psychedelia, synth music etc...

... Weirdo dub galore, basically!

First edition of 30.
Hand-dubbed (with care), hand-assembled and stamped, self-released DIY tape, underground style - tape-ony, no digital.