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Scott King & Guests - All Celebrities Are Dead And The Telly is Empty

Industrial Coast

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'An unexpected result of the pandemic. All celebrities have killed themselves & there is nothing on TV. What are we going to do with our time now?

A 2nd spoken word track from Scott accompanies this - Nostalgia - as a weary eye is cast over his

The pieces are then subjected to musical interpretation by Microcorps, DJ Damage (his last ever work?), TSM, Richard Vergez & The Statins'

In short: industrial coast and the crew are at it again, giving kicks up the arse straight from the underground, with messages of sound commmited to tape for eternity, ready to be dug up by those who dig.

Cover art & postcard by Scott King.

Plus, its been made with care & proper attitude - by now you know the deal.

Ltd edition, for the tape-heads -
get the cassette to hear it all, take a sidestep out of the digital world and dive into these reels to unveil the magic.