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Scott King & VA - Roy Castle & the Vandellas

Industrial Coast

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The second monological reading by Scott King for Industrial Coast, following ‘The Conversation...As I Recall’ (which feat. a tidy track by our Max Kelan).

“A story told by Scott King. The second side of the cassette consists of musical interpretations by:
Richard Vergez (Noir Age), Chaperone, John Powell-Jones, Conflicting Dynamics (Iceman Junglist Kru/Grimescapes).”

Things unfurl slowly at first, with a dark’n’stormy night hissing away, full foley. Determined footsteps march forward, definite radio-drama atmos. And then a door shuts abruptly and a barely audible loop comes forth. Is that a microscopic Motown band stuck behind the radiator?! A voice, a warm grizzly uncle-type.

As you might’ve gathered, (on a surface level at least) the story revolves around a ‘75 (non)performance by Marth and the Vandellas at the Sheffield City Hall. Yet, this is only a catalyst to cover so much more; Northern working class life, consumerism, adolescence & youth subculture, anticipation and disappointment. King lays the adjectives on thick, really casting a scene. Quality piece of escapism, definite replay material.

The B-side is made up of three pieces responding to the A. Salford’s John Powell-Jones delivers a dense, spiralic dronescape, along the ‘Soliloquy for Lilith’ form. B2 by ??? is a languorous, vaporous, soul-loop with King’s voice sampled in staccato stabs. B3 is the soundboy cut; mid-tempo amens and added 2001:HAL samples for good measure.

RIYL: The oral storytelling tradition, Chris Petit, eMMplekz, Bomb Sniffing Dogs.

Ocard, cover designed by Scott King, who also designed the accompanying postcard.

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