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Seagrave Zine - GRAVER #2: 'Quondam II' - 48


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First edition print of this 48 page zine from Seagrave, straight from source. A heavy dose of graffiti & skateboarding styles along with an article on late 80s raving & turntablism.

Proper xerox styles throughout, this is the real deal, ruff, raw and uncompromising.

A full rundown of the contents below -

REQ TDK and NEMA DFM on FYRE DFM and Matters of Style - lead interview with 90s graffiti legends REQ TDK and NEMA DFM (Da Freez Mob!), discussing their friend and crew member FYRE DFM who passed away too soon, plus matters of graffiti style

DISPEL ONE - an introduction to the work of the graff writer and skateboard artist from London who has been based in Los Angeles for 20 years

Rob EUROH - Q&A with the TDK graff artist on his 'EURO scratch' turntablist technique and transition from b-boying to raving in the late 1980s

LUDVIG - a full interview with the anti-styler king on his art and musical references

REQ & SHE - a poem by SHE ONE, who formed TDK with REQ in the 1980s and also was the creator of DFM, and a major innovator in the 80s and 90s UK / international graffiti community

REQ's Muse-work - a snapshot of REQ's ongoing collaboration with his friend and muse Smudge


Assorted tags and outlines throughout by PEGAS KOG LTS, ESPY DPT ZNC, CAUSE TURK, SLIE, OTEM, PRISM and FELON.