• SEEKERSINTERNATIONAL -  Dub Displacement Dynamite! *RWDFWD Edition Cassette*
  • SEEKERSINTERNATIONAL -  Dub Displacement Dynamite! *RWDFWD Edition Cassette*

SEEKERSINTERNATIONAL - Dub Displacement Dynamite! *RWDFWD Edition Cassette*


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Special RWDFWD Edition physical manifestation of the latest release from the ever-expansive SKRSINTL, originally out digital-only via the excellent Panospria label, now made available on good ol' cassette, with an extra tape-only SKRS version excursion on there, and also available as a limited edition bundle, with a MYSTERYFORMS designed Bandana cloth - keep your head fresh at all times.

As always, it's a real pleausure working with the kru at SKRSINTL on something. Even if it's just something as simple as 'this needs to be on tape', and then making it happen together (also, big thanks to Panospria for letting us do this - go check out their deep catalogue when you get a sec!)

Anyway, check this release - it's a special one. Wether you're a die hard SKRS follower or new to their dubbed out maneuvres (then you've got homework to do) but either way, going further down abstract path ways in SKRSINTL's dark blue, concrete dubwise style of thinking, reminiscent of the Guncontrolla LP at times, but with a bit of ROOTPRINCIPLE in there too, in the depths. This tape is a great way to dive in at the deep end.

Side one channels through sharded dub chords sounding like a distant storm, viewed camera obscura style through a tangled mist of delays. A near subliminal hum of motor vehicles and street chatter acts in a narrative sense - Quite literally, In the case of certain vocal sample interjections, a wake up call about the looming industrial critical overload and the effects on our climate for example, sounding dazed and not quite lucid, quite similar to the general sense of inertia we feel about the subject IRL.

As we said, this is no doubt some of SKRS deepest, wooziest and most trippy ish yet. Side two is where the vast space of the first side gets inhabited by a contrasting shift in mood, moving to pitch-drifting sample arrangements and properly warm and fuzzy, THC infused synthlines - 

Served up with a special artwork by the SKRS delegated Mysteryforms, with a nod to Philipino bandana traditions, with xtra dub in the design.

More on that here, from the crew itself:

"Ruminations on themes of dissolution, rejuvenation, the human experience, and elevation of consciousness… by ferocious means, if necessary!
This deeply cinematic soundtrack without a film is a psychic journey from South East Asia to Berlin to Jamaica through the lens of the enigmatic cabal known as SEEKERSINTERNATIONAL.

Growing up in Manila, the SKRS crew observed the panyolito or pañuelo (bandana/kerchief) as closely associated with the working class - labourers, drivers, farmers, and the like. It’s used as a simple implement to manage heat, humidity, and atmospheric conditions throughout one’s working day; slung over the shoulder, ready for action. It did not signal gang-affiliations nor fashion trends, although it has become embedded into the Filipino cultural dress language. This garment proudly carries on this traditional symbol of enduring and putting in work with the release of Dub Displacement Dynamite!

Visual artist Mysteryforms was enlisted to codify themes of dissolution/rejuvenation, death/rebirth, and offering/blessing into the illustration for this bandana design."

40 minutes run time, incl tape only extended version of 'Countryside Ride'.

Originally released via Panospria.
Edition of 100 cassettes, RWDFWD x Panospria Edition.
Comes with DL direct to your inbox.
Artwork by Mysteryforms.

Comes with instant download.

1. Countryside Ride + Tape-only Version
2. Blast Mining v1
3. NuTribes
4. Greenwash Hypnosis
5. Razed Groundation
6. NuSkanking
7. Frozen Tropics (Eski Dub)


Side One, Clip 1

Side 1, Clip 2

Side 2, Clip 1

Side 2, Clip 2