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Seekersinternational - LoversDedicationStation

Bokeh Versions

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SeekersInternational aka SKRS coming through with a new transmission on Bokeh Versions -

Get familiar with the LoversDedicationStation.

As regular RwdFwd visitors will know, we have been avidly following the mysterious developments of the SeekersInternational sound, ever since we got an email about a small run of self-released 7"s a few years ago.
Over the years, SKRS has gone from strength to strength, building his unique sound with new twists and turns, melting minds with his works for NoCorner, Boomarm Nation, Digitalis and also on the freshly groomed, LDN-based Bokeh imprint.

With LoversDedicationStation, SKRS walks his own skewed path of woozy and seductive frequency, blurring the ingreditents along the way. It's a totally unique set of jams, but a few reference points are perhaps Dam Funk style synth jams, late 80's Lovers Rock a la Dennis Bovell or Sly & Robbie, Radiophonic Workshop experimentalism and perhaps even a more woozy and weirdly seductive tape-warpled soul & demeanour of Prince... That's our guess anyway.

Kicking off like a ride through an imaginary radio frequency dial on a US / British Columbian shores, with late night requests and sugary voices coating the haze of smoked out dancehall & boogie rhythms in radio soundclash style, the LP continues it's unpredictable path seamlessly via a heap of well-placed vocal snippets, straight up flexible synth bogle jams and spaced out dub ambience... As the disc progresses, we are led through more reduced dubwise soundscapes and the lingo takes on a familiar JA tone along with some good ol' UK accents in there. This change of accents along with the alternating rhythm and soundscapes really adds to the listening experience, it's so easy to drift off into far corners of mind and memory when this one is on full blast.

The loops range from frantic and unhinged, to weightlessly subtle and deeply grooving, but it's perhaps the endless range of skewed vocal source material that makes this LP so extremely immersive.
It's like a mind-warping journey through film, radio, and most importantly the imaginative sonic mesh from the SKRS lab. No one does it quite like SeekersInternational.

After having listened to this one from start to finish, placed the needle back at the edge and done the same thing once more, we have to say that this is definitely high up on the list for best LPs of the year so far.
The clips won't do it justice... Bag this, strap one up and lean back - you're in for a ride!

Served in a suitably surreal and detailed DIY looking sleeve, designed by Mysteryforms.

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