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Seekersinternational - Midnight Skanking

ICS Library Records

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Well alright then!

Fresh in the post, from half-way across the ocean, this warm & easy package has landed at our doorstep, filled to the brim with (the very last batch!) of this newest milestone from the tireless, never-disappointing Seekersinternational crew - this time, Papa Cool Breeze takes charge for this special broadcast edition called 'Midnight Skanking' -
originally broadcast on Steve Barker's legendary 'On The Wire' radio show on BBC Radio Lancashire, this one is filled with unique & original productions from straight from the reels of the SKRS HQ, via Jamaica, as well as cool&breezy edits - RwdFwd regulars might hear the edit of Suzan Cadogan's 'Do It Baby' for example, and remember how much we love that one (sold out now, sorry, will see if we can get more though) -

Anyway, listen up, because
SeekersInternational say so:

"...This is music to hold on to your loved ones to...

Seekersinternational presents Midnight Skanking, with our very own senior selecta, OG Papa Cool Breeze at the controls! Inna Groundation Super Disco Edits Stylee!

As heard on BBC Radio Lancashire!

Originally aired on the 5th of Oct, 2019 on UK radio's longest-running and legendary underground music show: On the Wire hosted by Mr. Steve Barker.

In this program, Papa Cool Breeze selects a crate full of SKRS family favourites spanning Ska to Lovers Rock to Dancehall and Beyond, then chops, rips, screws and stitches them back together again into a gripping radio drama of love, deceit, confusion and realization - all intertwined and locked inna Eternal Dance.

ICS Library Records now picks up the broadcast signal and ensures that this swoon-inducing, airwave-infiltrating piece of recorded and transfigured history is preserved and re-presented in a manner true to Seekers' unique frequency-vision.

Blessings Everytime!"

... Now, I think we don't need to remind you that SKRS are always on TOP, and that we have been fans & supporters of SKRS works pretty much since RwdFwd started existing - and this one here is up there with the best of them, promise!

Be quick if you'd like one, because they're mostly sold out and there are only 180 in total, in the world.

C60 - 30mins each side.
Limited edition of 180, packaged real nice.

1. Side A - Part I : Bravado (29:00 mins)
2. Side B - Part II : Second Thoughts (29:00 mins)

Side A Clip 1

Side A Clip 2

Side B Clip 1

Side B Clip 2