SEEKERSINTERNATIONAL - Ragga Preservation Society: Worldwide Sound


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Ohhhhh gosh, SKRS come at you for the re-wind, pull up dat and lick it back again -

Ragga Preservation Society part two styleeeee!

Let's be honest, by now you all know what's up, and you know the SKRS mission is a worthy one, one which must be tuned into at all times, no matter where you dance in this world.
This particular Ragga Preservation bonus mission, which began its course some moons ago via the same label - Diskotopia (out of Japan) - that gave us the first edition, is a special one indeed though, junglist boombox excursions that conjur up sweeter-than-chocolate 90's vibes, and mix it in a pot with ruffest, tuffest soundystem styles, che-lepe-lepe-la-woiiiii!

Check the FULL INFO right here:
"The enigmatic Manila-via-British Columbia ensemble SeekersInternational returns to Tokyo-based label Diskotopia for the follow up to 2016's Ragga Preservation Society. SeekersInternational Presents Ragga Preservation Society – Worldwide Sound comes after a prolific five-year creative journey exploring different sonic avenues across releases on Future Times, Ossia's No Corner, Bokeh Versions, Berceuse Heroique, ICS Library Records, and Never Sleep, in addition to an acclaimed FACT magazine mix in 2017.

This time the SeekersInternational crew are back with some collaborators—namely, Roger Robinson as Papa Robbie on Kill-A-Milli, Second Woman (Joshua Eustis of Telefon Tel Aviv & Belong's Turk Dietrich), wzrdyAV, and the late DJ Wundrkut, who heartbreakingly passed on to the next world a month before the release.

The direction of Worldwide Sound takes the original Ragga Preservation Society record's Mark Leckey meets Hype Williams approach to jungle dubs, radio rips, and soundclash tape samples—reaping Canada's large ex-pat Jamaican community's rich history of ragga-jungle—and douses it in high-octane rave & hardcore petrol before setting the whole thing alight to create a technicolor soundsystem polymetric fever dream. High-paced and restless, chopped and screwed beyond belief—for those looking to transcend to higher frequencies right now, you cannot afford to sleep on this unparalleled release."

Unparalleled wooze, soul and style, with some of the softest, but deadliest soundboy killing known to (wo)man.

Crucial gear, don't sleep.

1. Worldwide (feat. wzrdyAV) 03:08
2. Kill-A-Milli (feat. Papa Roger Robinson) 04:03
3. RingRingRiddim 03:35
4. SoundboyThunderbolt 04:08
5. TrussUBad (feat. Second Woman) 03:43
6. WatchuwannaDeuce (feat. Wundrkut) 01:33
7. DreadRunner (Can't Keep On) 04:16
8. JamFlexEdit, Pt. 1 & 2 06:58
9. ConsciousVybz 02:15
10. SoundTekOva 03:34

Worldwide (feat WzrdyAV)

Kill-A-Milli (feat Papa Robbie)

DreadRunner (Can't Keep On)