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SeekersInternational - Reconsiders The Vampire's Curse

Boomarm Nation

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Following their crucial 'Rootprinciple' effort on NoCorner, SKRS step forward once again in dubwise attack mode, this time along with a reconsideration of the seminal Scientist LP 'Scientist Rids The World Of The Evil Curse Of The Vampires' - originally released on Greensleeves in the early 80's, now re-vamped and juxtaposed by the Vancouver / Philipines top-a-top dubateers.

We are happy to say that, on this side of the pond, we have exclusive first dibs on this limited edition blood-red cassette...

Our sound advice: If you don't own the aforementioned Scientist LP yet, go seek it out at your local 2nd-hand record store -  you should be able to find it for about a 10er in your local record shack - and get stuck in to this crucial piece of Scientist and Junjo Lawes.... then turn on your tape-deck, load up this tape and let the next-level madness unfold.
Original twiss-up dub style and fashion... The SKRS way!

Along with a video clip, here are the original words from the Boomarm Nation label and Seekers themselves, closing the lid on a soundbwoy's hearse:

Here we find SEEKERSINTERNATIONAL in fine style with this archival soundsystem shocker. In tribute to the classic Scientist LP of a similar title, SEEKERS chops and hacks the dance to bits, leaving only the blood, guts and heart intact.
None shall be safe from transfiguration. Inna dis ya soul clash - the classic battle for soul domination - SKRS performs their own brand of dub exorcism on all dark hearts.  In their medicine bag they arm themselves with THE quintessential Scientist codex, a golden chalwah, a ten foot stalk of herb and some holy water.  May Jah have mercy on us all and rid our hearts of all evil curse dem!

 “Court not the Romance of Darkness -
for demons need love too -
Lest the consequences persist long after the bite is delivered
And a cataleptic slumber fall pon u!”  
- Baba Raas

When She and the night conspire to conceal the Light
And the moon consents to cast Her haunting allure
The depths arise and stake their claim; a gnawing hunger for infliction

A sinister joy in the air rattles shutters with accursed laughter
Suffocating plumes of panic and confusion dance in wild frenzy
“Murder a soundbwaay!” never before sounding so fatal


Includes download code.

Limited Edition of 100, blood-red cassettes.
Printed tapes, printed fold-out J card.
Video and artwork: Mysteryforms.