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Semtek - Four Dubs EP

Don't Be Afraid

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A pleasure to see bossman Semtek back on his own label - it's been 5 years since his last appearance on DBA (although there have been other sightings on other labels of course) and it's been well worth the wait.

No nonsense this plate - 4 cuts all squarely aimed at DJs (and therefore dancing shoes). Up top is the shimmering lead lines of 'Limetree', swiftly followed up by a percy 'Repercussions' which stretches out a mean bassline over some proper machine funk beats and tops them with crystalline melodics and swelling pads - deadly, deadly wares.

'Angel' opens the flipside in a similar fashion - jackin' styles that are pretty much guaranteed to loosen limbs - the sleaziest and track that we keep coming back to is the closer - 'Helpline' which contrasts the rest of the EP, getting dank and acidic for those who like it that way...

Hot tip on this one.