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Mark Fell & Vladislav Delay offer up another installment on the Mego sublabel.

Mutant club styles from two masters are on offer here - the very esscensce of UKG and 2-step rhythms are fractured and repurposed for the now as well as open minded DJs and dancers. Immaculate drums explore the outreaches of garage styles, occasionally letting a horn stab or vocal chop creep in before breaking into a mutant pipe bent melody and accompanying vox choppage - testube garage of the highest grade, government issue only, it's a secret weapon this one  - HANDLE WITH CARE.

On the other side is the mutated footwork styles of 'Y' which has a total disregard for time signatures and dancefloor pleasantries - pushing software to it's limits as well as dancers and DJs. Even if you don't play this side much, you'll thank yourself for buying it when people are lining up to ask what the fcuk the A side was when you drop it.