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Grafiti Tapes

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Ruff & Ready, playful jams from one of Barca's top vandals -

It's always refreshing to get our hands on a new Grafiti Tape, we welcome the postman with open arms every time he has one of these packages in hand.

The fourth instalment on Luca Lozano's imprint comes from Barcelonian 'Seny' who is part of the #'s Crew doing their bit to add a bit of colour to the concrete in town.

Recorded to the tape, we have a set of 8 homemade jams, opening up with a skewed 4 x 4 piece, scuzzed out and lazy, before plunging right into a barrage of 808 laden footwork laced rhythm, with an acidic tint.
This is proper D.I.Y. gear, unconventional experiments that aren't too easily predicted - you never know what the next track might give you, wether it's an 8bit curiosity or a stoned memphis rap version from an artist delightfully high on the fumes of his own spray paint.

It's a welcome change from the over-polished, over-considered influx of electronic music that we face on a daily basis, a nice reminder of the acceptance of imperfection and embracement of impulsive, honest production.

Last but not least, as always, the tape looks super fresh and comes with a fold-out inlay (probably riso-printed) and suited purple cassette.
Limited edition too, so act quick if you want one.

Side A:
HDA Piece
Mission Complete
Side B:
Daylight Bombing
Freight Letters
Los Numeros
Serial Writer
Toy Dance