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Senyawa - Alkisah (Drowned By Locals Cassette)

Drowned By Locals

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Fresh in from out of Jordan, Drowned By Locals sent the postal services our way with this very special edition of Senyawa's recent border-crushing 'Alkisah' album -

Serious artefact business, this presentation of Indonesian mystic punks Senyawa's 7th album is a special one - Only 30 were made, and each tape comes wrapped in handmade white leather scrolls with a protective talisman, and a sacred sticker to ward off the evil eye...

As you may have spied already, if you noticed that we have a vinyl version of this album in stock too (released via Les Albums Claus) - this album has been co-released via 44 labels from across the world, in an attempt to spread the music to more ears, and to de-centralise the ownership.
A noble idea, if you ask us, so we thought we'd take the opportunity to stock a few of the different editions here - the ATC tape should be ready soonish too, but we have to admit that this Drowned By Locals effort is hard to beat - these cassettes and the way they are presented are the real deal --- We have the remix cassette and a special 'end of world companion' doll too... If you want to dig deeper.

"Senyawa’s story Alkisah guides us to navigate the near future before the end of time (Kiamat). Senyawa’s Alkisah tells a tale that repeated itself since the dawn of humankind; this time will be the last. A group of people, realizing the end is near, rush towards the estuary to build a better civilization to survive the apocalypse. But the same people, now rulers become worse than the tyrants they fled from. A revolution erupts against the rulers who are eloquent in preaching about creating a better world but who have created a worse one instead. The people finally speak their mind and rise up to kill their rulers. Then the people regret, realizing the vastness of the destructions they have caused by their greed and hatred towards each other, and that it is now all too late. The doomsday is upon them."

...We feel that.
There's a serious drive and urgency to be heard within these eight tracks, if ever an album sounded like an apocalyptic storm brewing, including all those last precious breaths and manic actions that would come with, then this is it.
It's not all doom and gloom and depression though. The mania of the guitar clangs and the unique frequencies of those self built instruments that Wukir Suryadi shreds and brings to hair-raising resonation, along with the reverberant, charged vocals of Rully Shubara form a sense of courage and power, like some kind of dance around the flames of hell, to finally feel alive.
... Beauty in destruction, stress-relief in the midst of the apocalypse.
Fuck it, count us in.

DIY, each-one-unique, edition of 30 tapes.
Each one served in handmade white leather scrolls with a protective talisman, and a sacred sticker to ward off the evil eye.

1. Kekuasaan
2. Alkisah I
3. Menuju Muara
4. Istana
5. Kabau
6. Fasih
7. Alkisah II
8. Kiamat


Menuju Muara