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Indonesian experimental doom punk band Senyawa come forward with their border-crushing 'Alkisah' album, which has been released simultaneously across over 40 labels and operations worldwide in recent weeks (there's an Avon Terror Corps version landing here very soon too)

We're big fans of Senyawa here, and we were happy to get our hands on some of Senyawa's previous album on tape shipped over from Indonesia last year.
It's cool to this different approach to releasing their music, presented in various different ways with remixes, different artwork etc - across lots of different labels, in an attempt to de-centralise the rigid axis which music can fall into once it's given a certain 'branding' or received pre-conceptive assumptions due to the label it appears on.

However this experiment might pan out, from our point of view at least, it's exciting to see how different labels have approached the presentation of the release.
As we said, we have a double tape landing from our friends at Avon Terror Corps soon (incl remixes from a bunch of ATC family, as well as our own Ossia and also Kinlaw, Franco Franco & Robin Stewart... Maybe even Miles from BKV?!) and we have another form of the Senyawa album landing here from the Drowned By Locals label too, incl remixes from their surrounding networks of musicians...

So while we're at it, we thought we might as well get this nicely packaged vinyl version of the LP in for RWDFWD, coming via Brussel's renowned venue 'Les Ateliers Claus' and their 'Les Albums Claus' label -

The LP packs each of the Senyawa album tracks on a 12" pressed loud & clear, letting this dynamic, churning and grinding and near-hallucinatory 'Alkisah' album unfold across the grooves in all their full weight.
From the plucked reverberations and hollowed out chants of Kekuasaan, the opening intro, through to the title track and it's cantankerous shredding and Industrial clatterings, right through to the spirit-awakening choirs and skin-melting amplifier rattle on Istana, Senyawa tread a singular path that sways somewhere between ceremonious doom, agitated acoustics, dubbed out death metal and a general punk-ish attitude that runs through the veins of this brooding, full-alive, rooted-yet-far-out, spiritual sound of Senyawa, on their latest venture.

excellent stuff.

Wukir Suryadi: Custom Instruments
Rully Shabara: Lyrics, Vocals
Recorded and Mixed by Iwan Karak
At Eloprogo, September 2020

1. Kekuasaan
2. Alkisah I
3. Menuju Muara
4. Istana
5. Kabau
6. Fasih
7. Alkisah II
8. Kiamat

Alkisah I



Alkisah II