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Senyawa / Avon Terror Corps - Alkisah / Once Upon a Time in Avon (ATC double cassette)

Avon Terror Corps

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The Avon Terror Corps edition of Senyawa’s ‘Alkisah’ album, including a set of remixes and a live recording has arrived here in it’s physical manifestation, packed across two tapes >>

By now some of you might have already seen a few editions of this border breaking album from Indonesian folk / doom duo Senyawa, as part of their album release across 44 different labels worldwide, incl various remix and reworked editions and different artwork - we had the Les Ateliers Claus LP here, the versions on Drowned By Locals, and now this local affair which we’ve obviously been very excited to present here for those who’re keen to listen.

Tape 1 features the original Senyawa album in all it’s fizzing & thunderous form, dubbed across two sides of the tape.

On Tape 2, you get a set of cantankerous remixes from a righteous swarm of sound makers from around the Avon Area:

Concentration, Kinlaw & Robin Stewart ft. Franco Franco, Sophrosyne, Harrga, Ossia, SŌN, Child & Relapse, all twisting the originals in their own ways.

Flip it, and you get a recording of a notorious night in 2015, when Senyawa played in Bristol at a Schwet night. Now to be heard again for the first time in years...

A great musical meeting of minds from various connected corners of the globe, local and afar all at once, and a real slice of what's going on right now here and there

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2 x Cassette pack with unique ATC design + DL Code

Tape 1 - Senyawa - Alkisah

1. Kekuasaan 00:40
2. Alkisah I 09:02
3. Menuju Muara 03:06
4. Istana 06:55
5. Kabau 05:42
6. Fasih 03:56
7. Alkisah II 06:33
8. Kiamat 01:16
9. Laughter of Saints - Kekuasaan 03:33

Tape 2 - 'Once Upon In Avon' -
Avon Terror Corps Remixes of Senyawa's 'Alkisah' + Live Recording

Side A:
10. Concentration - Alkisah 04:58
11. Kinlaw & Robin Stewart ft Franco Franco - Menuhu Muara - Avatar Remix 02:43
12. Sophrosyne - Kiamat 02:51
13. Harrga - Alkisah II 04:31
14. Ossia - Fasih 05:41
15. SŌN - Alkisah 04:31
16. Child - Menuju, Fasih, Kiamat 04:49
17. Relapse - Kiamat - Accidental Ambient Remix 05:16
18. Live in Avon (2015) 33:41

Side B:
Senyawa recorded live in Bristol, 2015

Wukir Suryadi: Custom Instruments
Rully Shabara: Lyrics, Vocals

Recorded and Mixed by Iwan Karak
At Eloprogo, September 2020
Soundscape of Eloprogo recorded by tesaran

Senyawa - Fasih

Senyawa - Menuhu Muara (Kinlaw & Robin Stewart ft Franco Franco (Avatar Remix))

Senyawa - Alkisah (Concentration Remix)

Senyawa - Fasih (Ossia Remix)