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Senyawa & Stephen O’Malley - Bima Sakti LP

iDEAL Recordings

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Earth shattering, higher-level harmonics from two masters of the spiritual drone genre, with O'Malley's psychoactive guitar & amplifier workouts melting like hot lava under the Indonesian sun, with Senyawa summoning ancient spirits of sound via demonic pathways - served up on ltd edition wax with insert artwork, via iDEAL Recordings -

Sunn O)))'s Stephen O'Malley has found his perfect match with Senyawa, who are able to engulf his guttural drones like a dark cloud that occasionally splits to open the gates of hell, with reflections of beauty and tradition appearing like a fata morgana at times, before vanishing and shifting shape again - truly terrifying, yet somehow utterly alluring in it's deadly serenity, the slow-building menace.....

At the mercy of Stephen O'Malley, bass guitar and electric guitar topple infinitely via towers of over amplification and brittle destruction, undulating at infinite pace with Senyawa's modulations of traditional Indonesian spiritual music, with a formation of pipes, voice, effects units, and their specialised Bambuwukir, an ancient instrument re-imagined by band member Wukir Suryadi, at their disposal, part of their toolbox for these sound rituals.

The album rises at the very depths, slowly simmering and ascending over the course of 44minutes, from a dizzying pace that makes it feels like time is going backwards, before leaning every so slowly forward, head down, down, down, down until you are upside down, like an out of body experience, slowly dancing the dance of death - because after all, the earth will not die in one day, it is a process, and we should learn to sink graciously with it.

We're serious, this is very, very, powerful stuff -
full transportation mode on this one...

Edition of 700, pressed on purple vinyl.
Served with insert.
Mixed by Randall Dunn,
Mastered and cut at D&M, Berlin.
Artwork by Stefano Gerardi.
Photos by Estelle Hanania.
Released via iDEAL Recordings.

1. Dewi Hera, Part I 08:35
2. Bima dan Ular Naga, Part I 04:39
3. Bintang Gemintang 05:06
4. Hakikat Kabut 02:57
5. Bima dan Ular Naga, Part II 07:38
6. Dewi Hera, Part II 14:06

Dewi Hera (part 1)

Bintang Gemintang

Hakikat Kabut

Bima Dan Ular Naga