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Nothing t’see here, just the 2018 OPUS from THE BEST BAND ON EARTH, on tape for the first time!!! Originally released by Sublime Frequencies, ‘Sujud’ is the sound of Rully & Wukir coalescing all that they had conjured previously into their most solidified statement to date.

Total shock to the senses, one of those bands you couldn’t even dream up, that could only exist right --now--. The visceral power of metal & punk via cerebral explorations of the avant-garde, grounded by the haunting beauty of Indonesian folk music.

On opener ‘Tanggalkan Di Dunia’ Wukir begins with a colossal, saturated wave of dro)))ne & feedback, whilst Rully invokes guttural tantric incantations. Their recent collab with Stephen O’Malley was recorded around this time and it’s easy to hear why they linked up...

The title track (translating to ‘prostration’) sees the storm parting and the pair at the most grandiose and cinematic. Rully runs the full gamut, subtly reminding you of just quite how vast his range is, though it never feels showy.

‘Penjuru Menyatu’’s taut, sinister riffs on the handmade ‘Bambuwukir’ are in direct combat with Rully’s primordial growls and pained uluations. Chest-beating machismo countered by hauntingingly tender cries. This feels like classic Senyawa, flaunting their ability to be catchy, raw and defiantly avant-garde all in one track.

‘Kehendak’ hears them in spiralling deconstructed thrash mode, whilst ‘Kebaikan Tumbuh Dari Tanah’ features Rully fusing pop-vocal theatrics with gregorian sensibilities atop Wukir’s slowcore dirge.

Ender ‘Kembali Ke Dunia’ rounds off things in suitably pummeling fashion; puffing & panting & monomaniacally stomping away in fine-Sabbath-style.

Hyperfans will get a blast from catching this landmark release on tape, whilst newbies will gleefully receive a baptism of fire with one of the defining duos of this era.

Tanggalkan Di Dunia (Undo The World)

Sujud (Prostration)

Kehendak (Will)

Kebaikan Tumbuh Dari Tanah (Goodness Grows Off Soil)