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Sergei Demin - Not Music Of The Day (Klammklang Tapes Cassette)

Klammklang Tapes

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Sergei Demin going in big, bad and extra dangerous for the excellent 'Siberian raised, Moscow based' Klammklang imprint -

'Jungle Emerald' cassette with black print, hand-numbered info card on premium cardboard and 'Make Your Own Jungle' coloring sticker pack designed by Alex Blosyak (instagram.com/blosyak). Packed into black ziplock with aluminum foil inside, includes download code. -- PICS COMING REAL SOON.

Another hit from our special import box of wax, cd and tape straight out of Russia's underground scene, this one is a call to all junglists and all concrete freaks out there -

we very much like this verbal run down from the source, so check it while you get your head twisted:

"Sergei Demin was born in Eastern Siberia, in a small town of Lesosibirsk (literally translates as 'a forest Siberian town'). In 2016, after almost ten years of spinning records at finest local underground raves, he released his debut album Pangram on Klammklang. Since then, many things happen — i.e. Sergei moved to Netherlands to reside in a (yet another) small town of Hilversum. Anyway, we're very happy to have him back.

It's jungle here, served on a plate: ungrasped, decoded, dissected, wrecked and regenerated. The flux dismantled into tiny grains and transported to the the genres' outer realms where any signs stop making sense. It's at the point where all formal procedures turn into immersive hallucinations. Where semiotics descend into virotechnics. And while techno is about high frequency, jungle is about jungle is about jungle is about jungle is about jungle is about jungle is about jungle is about

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