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Service Animal (Vereker) / Crime Unit

Death Of Rave

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Absolutely brutal, thundering hardcore gabber from Vereker and Crime Unit for Conor Thomas' The Death Of Rave label - exorcise your demons!

Initially out on 'impossible to find' tape release via cult DIY label Live Adult Entertainment, The Death Of Rave have done the right thing, and pressed this nasty piece of work up onto black wax, in edition of 313 copies.

From the knees up brutalism of Service Animal's 'Core Of Reality' (those hi-hat patterns have some kind of voodoo to them that will never get tired!) to the ragged acid brukkage of 'F.T.W'., which is currently making my brain feel like it's being invaded by an army of worms (but it feels good, f*ck it) this is a record for those who aren't afraid to grit their teeth and just shock the f*ck out on the dancefloor.

The B side is occupied by Crime Unit, who come with extra pace, murderous weight and acidity -
absolute hardcore techno business, best enjoyed at least three pills in!

You've probably noticed by the increased amount of swear-words in this (motherf*ckin) write up, that this is getting us proper charged up... And you know what, that's a testament to the strength of these sonics already.

Treat yourself (and others in hearing distance!).

Edition of 313.
Mastered by Anna at Dubplates & Mastering, Berlin.
White sleeve with DIY sticker and poster insert.

Service Animal - "Core Of Reality"

Service Animal - "FTW"

Crime Unit - Untitled Track 3

Crime Unit - Untitled Track 4