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Seven Sisters - Pursuit EP


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A real gem of a self-released cassette from the Seven Sisters project, shipped here straight out of Berlin, via Konglomerat HQ -

Our friends Anni & Jonny - aka Seven Sisters - have been slowly building on their tripped out, submerged post-punk / industrial approach mostly via live shows in the city, or on a recent tour with friend Broshuda, around Russia...
So it's nice to see their first physical piece arrive here at our doors now, one handful shipped over here for those who'd like one.

We're big fans of this release here, we'd go as far as saying it's one of the best things we've heard in a while... It may only contain four tracks and clock in at around 20mins in total, but each track here is a wholesome, wholly transporting affair which makes the minutes seem like they melt into one long, undefinable stream of (sub)consciousness.
Mysterious music for the blue hours before dawn, or for late night mind drifting.

Here's what they have to say about this thing themselves:

"The Pursuit - is one of the very first tracks by Seven Sisters and describes a Pursuit where it's never sure who is following whom and how many viewers are actually involved.

Followed by a intriguing understatement dub version by N.Y.N. , that puts you in a warm daydream, in which fragile soundscapes make the air flicker.

Zoya Zerkalski's remake of The Pursuit extends to the realm of drone, exposing the anxiety of April 2020 and the start of global pandemic. Composed during the first weeks of isolation the remix evokes feelings of gloomy mysticism and serene hopefulness, oddly intertwined with erotic connotations of human psyche in lockdown.

Reissverschluesse takes you to an deserted place under an approaching storm, where the lightning is directly above you and the thunder is approaching from the horizon. Description of the different states of mind of a soul in a twisted world."

Edition of only 23 cassettes + DL Code.
Postcard art print.
Blue or yellow cassettes... lucky dip.

1. A1_The Pursuit 03:05
2. A2_The Pursuit (N.Y.N Dub) 05:34
3. B1_Seven Sisters - The Pursuit (Zoya Zerkalski Surveillance Porn Remix) 05:37
4. B2_Seven Sisters - Reissverschluesse 04:02

The Pursuit

The Pursuit (N.Y.N. Dub)

The Pursuit (Zoya Zerkalski Surveillance Porn Remix)

Seven Sisters - Reissverschluesse