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Shackleton - Furnace Of Guts

Woe To The Septic Heart

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"Get your pipes!" - Back on his own Woe To The Septic Heart label, Shackleton weaves his unique blend of tonal polyrhythms and idiosyncratic sound scapes to take us once more into the undergrowth!

"Furnace Of Guts" can only be described as an ODDITY, at nearly 10 minutes this is a real outer-world trip, taking the listener from the Septic Heart campfire out into the wilderness and back again, layering rhythm upon rhythm upon rhythm until you really feel transported to another world.

Over on the flip "Wakefulness & Obsession" is no less rhythmically complex and engaging than the A-side but is definitely the more pensive of the two. Chugging tablas seat more tonal percussion and a winding vocal "no matter what title you have..." which loops to the point of semantic satiation and moves from WORD to Non Word and becomes another texture. Once again Shackleton showcases his intelligence and deft touch.

This is not for the faint hearted or casual listener, but for those who respect an Artist's uncompromising vision and want to get lost in the music.

Furnace Of Guts

Wakefulness & Obsession