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Shackleton / Gatekeeper - Tin Foil / Sky Tomb

Skull Disco

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Crucial Skull Disco from back in '06 -

The fourth disc in the seminal Skull Disco series, an imprint that cemented it's striking vision and aesthetic into the history books of the early Dubstep / Bristol sound between it's short, but concise course between 2005 - '08.

With the musical direction by Shackleton and Appleblim in conjunction with the unmistakeable artwork by Zeke Clough, the Skull Disco label will retain it's status for a long time still.

Shackleton business on the topside, Gatekeeper on the flip.

This is the kind of record you show your kids in years to come, a record that carries the essence of dubstep before it got bastardised.

Shackleton - Tin Foil Sky

Gatekeeper - Tomb