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Shamos - Music For Broken Adverts


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We got our hands on a bunch of copies of this - killllerrrr - Shamos 10 tracker on MCR's YOUTH ---

A proper mind-melter of ambient-ish, tripped out drumfunk and dubwise industrial beats.
If you didn't already get this into your membrane... What are you waiting for?!

From the tape-warbled intro to the one-legged electro reductions and the twisted dub approaches, it really is a dear record, standing up tall amongst the many great releases on this label - big up YOUTH providing the medicine this year -
We could lead you through the tracklist verbally, but the truth is, this music 'is what it is' - pure, undiluted home-studio jams, full of vibes and unique flavour.

- here it is 'Music For Broken Adverts', served up in stickered sleeve and ready to bang at the right volume on your turntable - no nonsense.
Please take a listen and enjoy the ride...

1. Advert 1
2. Try Taking To Water
3. FFF
4. No Face Control
5. Baby Birds Flying To Satan
6. 7th Hit Under
8. Tarass
9. Rihyil
10. Rethink That Conclusion

Try Taking To Water

No Face Control