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Shampoo Boy mark their return on Blackest Ever Black -

Following their 2013 debut 'Licht' the Vienna based trio of Peter Rehberg (Editions Mego), Christina Nemec (comfortzone) and Christian Schachinger set a new sonic scenario with their latest Album entitled 'Crack'.

Spanning close to 40mins of movement, the LP manifests honed peruse of instrumentation and it's expert abstraction in the process to form a fragile, yet dense sphere.
There's a strong sense of space with these recordings... It's as if being positioned in a dimly-lit unused warehouse, with only shards of light making it through the cracks and holes.
At times shifting sideways like a psychadelic vertigo, sometimes floating calmly at head-height, the culmination of sounds present themselves around you, the senses are on high alert.
Weightless drones and razor sharp contortions fizz through the seams, before self-oscillating, sub-terranean bass and guitar tones pull everything through the broken floorboards, right into the dank cellar, lacking air and presenting no escape.

It's not so much about dramatized chord shifts or obvious changes... Shampoo Boy's latest combined efforts come across more like a feeling, a mood, an image in the head.... Sometimes mechanic, sometimes otherworldy and estranged, but never impersonal, always up close.

Very involving stuff, this will suck you right in to the midst of it and it will control your breath intake and perception of time for it's entire duration.

Also, beautifully presented in a printed sleeve, mastered to a great standard by Russel Hasswell, cut by Noel Summerville.

Includes DL code.
Shrinkwrapped, printed sleeve.

A1. Spalt (9:10)
A2. Riss (12:12)
A3. Bruch I-III (16:32)



Bruch I

Bruch II