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Shanti Celeste - Make Time

Idle Hands

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Shanti makes a long-awaited return to spiritual homeplace Idle Hands (both the physical shop and the label).

Make Time has been getting the DJ rinse of late, and has been firm in the bag of plenty of DJs this year - chances are you've already heard it and know the vibe - break-driven house beat is the platform for Shanti's licks of voice and gorgeous pads. On Make Time Shanti uses melody as a textural device too - the notes fall from the ether like droplets of water, sprinkled with delay and reverb. Her pads remain lush as ever on both sides here.

B side Thoughts eschews the 4/4 drive of the A side in favour of a more laid back half-time feel. An acid-tinged bassline rises and falls through the mix, full of small variations that evolve and shift every repeat.

Few know how to ride a groove with the ease that Shanti manages to pull off, and this pair of tracks is no exception.

Make Time