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Sheriff Lindo - Ten Dubs That Shook The World

EM Records

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Another fine excavation from the Sheriff, via Japan's EM Records -

We thoroughly enjoyed the 'Aftershock Dubs' LP that EM Records delivered, featuring a heap of extraordinary cuts from the digital dub spectrum, so it felt only right to get a handful of this equally brilliant set of tracks from the Australian dub-veteran 'Sheriff Lindo'.

Produced around 1981-88, these tracks bring together the charming warmth and fidelity of analogue and early digital equipment, striking a balance that is a treat on the ears (especially listened on vinyl format) and also arguably a more honest representation of the creative aspect of music-making...
'Ten Dubs That Shook The World' feels upbeat yet deeply submerged in the depths of rhythm and bass, with the 707 drum hits and bass guitar drenched right through the four-track tape-reel and shot out through the mixing desk, in true dub fashion, through a gang of home-made effects units and analogue delays.

For all fans of the 80's digital reggae sound, and the spaced out dimension that the likes of Tubby, Scientist and Lee Perry forged in the 70's - Sheriff Lindo hits that spot and keeps driving it with his unrestrained dubwise technique.

And if you're not fully sold on why this dub record deserves your attention, validating it's place as an original piece - check the fantastic last track, proper Muslimgauze-esque version excursion... Wicked stuff!

A special mention has to go out to the presentation here too - A good looking sleeve, with a printed inner sleeve that houses a heap of information, background story and pictures from the man himself!

Reversed board, printed sleeve.
Printed inner sleeve.

1:Dub House Of Horrors
2: ! (Dub)
3: Grossly Overweight Dub
4: Fatal Dub
1: Dub Express
2: Dread-ging The River
3: And On The Seventh Day... Dub.
4: Eastern Bloc

Dub House Of Horrors / ! (Dub)

Grossly Overweight Dub / Fatal Dub

Dub Express / Dread-ging The River

And On The Seventh Day... Dub. / Eastern Bloc