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Shinichi Atobe - Butterfly Effect


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Masterclass in left-field dance music from the elusive Shinichi Atobe on the DDS label, out of press since 2014, now available again in a limited run of 500 copies.

It's one of those records that catches you off guard pretty much from the minute the needle drops.
Perhaps it's to do with those somewhat unsettling, yet somehow still utterly sweet and highly infectious melodies that Shinichi Atobe lays totally bare, indeed naked, over the kind of raw, (im)perfected rhythms that had already gained him a place in the ranks of the Basic Channel label in the early 00's.

Along with his own bizarre style and approach, the kind of restraint and assured arrangement that has been championed by the the likes of Vainquer, Maurizio, Rhythm & Sound et al, can certainly be made out in the Japanese producers output, and it's that masterful patience coupled with a really, really deft ear for left-field dynamics and sound design, whilst holding up an unmistakably Nippon pop sensibility that must've gained him the respect with the Basic Channel lot, and in recent years with the fine ears of Miles & Sean aka Demdike Stare and their DDS label.

Wether it's over an obscured house groove or in one of his looping beatless abstractions, a lot of the cuts on this LP will stretch out as far and wide as possible over several minutes, letting you get so familiar with each  of the ingredients you'll actually notice yourself feeling a little sad when the track is over and you have to say goodbye for the time being.
Thankfully each new track on this album has it's own peculiar rewards though.

And exactly this peculiarity, and the sheer addictiveness of each of these masterful loops is what makes this record so damn special. There is a kind of timelessness installed within each of the tracks and throughout the LP, that it feels as if the connections between them merely take you to a new place, not just further ahead in tracklist.
By the time it's unfolded into it's second half, you'll be lost happily, and when those broken chords sprawl out over that drawn out alien synth resonance and those jackin' claps, you'll be jerking a little tear and swaying from left to right without even noticing yourself........Don't worry, it's ok.


1. Free Access Zone 1 03:28
2. Free Access Zone 2 09:18
3. Free Access Zone 4 01:26
4. Free Access Zone 5 05:06
5. Free Access Zone 7 04:53
6. Waste Land 1 06:08
7. Waste Land 2 03:20
8. Butterfly Effect 12:01

Free Access Zone 1

Free Access Zone 2

Free Access Zone 7

Butterfly Effect