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Shinichi Atobe - World


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Shapeshifting and constantly evolving electroacoustic techno masterpiece from the revered and relatively unknown Shinichi Atobe.

Back on DDS after last year’s reissue of the blueprint dub techno ‘Ship Scope’ and the Butterfly Effect album, both of which sold out in a flash - the DDS guys unearth some more lost cuts from Atobe and this is the result.

Far less melancholic than the previous records, ‘World’ oozes positivity right from the off - Glowing chords trail off into the distance on the opening (and cunningly titled) ‘Intro’, before steaming off into the 5 cuts, all titled ‘World’.

We’re really hard pushed to pick favourites here but whereas the previous output from him has been more etherial , the constructions on this plate are more firmly rooted in minimal techno - The wooden kicks and percussive, insectoid sonics of ‘World 2’ are offset by the loping electroacoustic explorations of ‘World 3’.

If you can imagine the ultra paired back and clinical output from Hawtin’s Minus camp being refined by Basic Channel, you’ll get a vague idea of what to expect here, in short, it’s nothing short of spectacular and equally at home on the lounge turntable as it is in the booth.


World 2

World 3

World 4