• Significant Other - Oblivion

Significant Other - Oblivion


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Sharp shooting rhythm, twisted ambience, and bass flexin' styles from NYC's Significant Other, served up on the excellent Anno label who presented us with SUDS, and more -

Across four cuts we get to ride the rhythm in various ways, from dank dancehall indebted techno chuggers, to more tropical, yet brooding percussive blasts and soundsystem-minded head-melters, this one is packed to the brim with a restrained kind of funk - deadly all the while.
Sitting somewhere between T++, Equiknoxx, Szare, etc, these are the kind of tracks that will of course sound great on the home hifi, but the real force and the trip-readyness really unveils itself at greater volume, ideally in the mix and blend and on a nicely tuned soundsystem for extra impact.

Take a sip, it's strong stuff!

(P.S. we got some of those recent K Wata 12"s on Anno in too) -


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