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Silvia Kastel - Xantharmony


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Following up the 2017 release on BEB, Silvia Kastel lands on the ever excellent YOUTH label for this run of 100 CDs, packed with three ambient bangers  - 

It's a proper special one, this. It's like a strange, but sweet concoction of oddball sonics and freak harmonies, synthesised or at least estranged from their organic sources and dancing around in a hyperreal echo chamber where bird song, stretched vox and ominous synthesis float around like in a ghost town. 

For context: Apparently the music was inspired by Toshiya Sukegawa's Bioçic Music series,  Éliane Radigue and also electronic music pioneer Carl Stone - who is supposedly working on a re-work of 'Spoons' the 2nd cut on this trio of tracks.

Mantide, the first cut sprawls out of skewed melodics and bird sound, fully warped, semi-lucid. The sense of disorientation moves to a more focused place on the second track 'spoons', which let's dark grey pads swim around in the distance, before morphing out into the higher frequencies for a pitch-gliding conversation in mid air.

The warped tuning and unlikely harmonies stay as part of the potion on the title track, Xantharmony, which sounds, to us, like the warped pop of E B U shot through a time tunnel, in reverse mode.

What a trip!

Killer stuff.

Edition of 100 CDs.
Comes with DL.