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Simo Cell - Gliding EP

Livity Sound

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French Livity recruit Simo Cell back on board with four cuts -

Always a pleasure to hear a new Livity release, the label that continues to go from strength to strength.
We had a little moment when getting Livity003 in the mix the other night, and it reaffirmed our belief in the Livity output as a timeless affair, or perhaps like a fine wine or cheese, one that ages very well.

The latest from Simo Cell cracks further into the labels spartan ways of manipulating techno, electro and rave sensibilities into focused, dubwise soundsystem burners that are sure to the absolute damage on the speakerboxx.

It's certainly a unique amalgamation here, but just for fun's sake I will make some far-out references here:
Gliding comes forward with an expertly reverberated, hollowed continuum of Drexciyan maneouvres. 'Obi 1's elasticated, weightless (but of course very bottom-heavy) reductions could perhaps be interpreted as a British Murder Boys track, with the perfect dose of Valium.
On the flip 'Away From The Keyboard' takes the stone cold bass of Bristol bossman Pinch and layers it with the kind of fluid rhythmic concoctions that Bruce is known for (just to bring this one back into Livity's home territory).
Lastly, 'As Long As We Have These Things' leads the ears and bodies into outer regions, stripping things right back in the kind of way Conforce or Lee Gamble would.

Yep, killer.


Obi 1

Away From Keyboard

As Long As We Have Those Things