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Simo Cell - Piste Jaune

Dnous Ytivil

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Two bumpy underground rollers on Livity Backwards from hot new Parisian producer Simo Cell

Simo Cell is a name you may not be familiar with but if this release is anything to go by that is sure to change. These two understated and classy bangers in the form of "Cellar Door" and "Piste Jaune" make for an impeccable debut on Pev's Bristol based label.

On top, "Cellar Door" (apparently the most pleasing phrase in the English language according to proponents of Phonaesthetics) dives straight into the abyss, as cryptic synth riffs and industrial ambiences create the perfect underground atmosphere as a driving beat propels the action; when all of a sudden an incredibly infectious Hi-Hat riff clatters into the frame and ramps up the energy even further, sure to get even the most stoic of heads shuffling and bopping. Skank out time!

Flipside track "Piste Jaune" is slightly less direct but none the less effective, sounding like a pared back and refined version of an older Pev track like "Infinity Is Now" or "Valves" brought bang up to date with sleek percussion and real bass pressure, It is a testament to how far the Livity Sound has influenced people in the UK and worldwide.

This would slot nicely into a UK Bass style set or would feel just as at home in a straight up Techno setting. Perfect for listeners of Beneath, Hodge, Batu, Shackleton.

Cellar Door

Piste Jaune