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Simon Grab - Posthuman Species


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"Mythology for the posthuman age."

Star of the moment - Simon Grab - of Yao Bobby & Simon Grab on LAVALAVA-fame - is not showing any signs of pressure-easing, coming straight at ya with new lifeforms in the shape of self-oscillating, ever-mutating, barely-harnessed frequencies straight from the guts of his cable-tangled, unique studio workspace, aka the scientific lab for brain-related sound research, for the pure, undiluted sake of intrigue, fascination, and, let's not forget: enjoyment.

This record was made with a similar 'no-input' approach - meaning that synthesizers and software were mainly left aside in favour of cross-wired studio harmonics and feedback oscillations...
Simply put: What happens when you send an echo into an echo chamber?

This LP could be seen as the evil sidekick to the 'Diamonds' record he released late last year with Yao Bobby on LAVALAVA...
Take away the raw human voice of Yao Bobby and the dub'd dancehall structures, unscrew the lid of this sonic mutation and pour in some battery liquid, and you're left with this new record 'Posthuman Species' -
A record that is at the brink of implosion, you can pretty much hear the equipment bubbling at the seams with a kind of deep black & purple mechanical oil, dripping through wires onto that spring reverb tank and through the electro-harmonix circuit via countless AUX twists & turns, fizzing and sparking up miniature lightning flashes as the reversed-sonics find their own path through the mixing board, creating new lifeforms in the shape of mutated sound - waveforms and electrical currents, controlled by giant hands and occasionally gazed-upon via spectacles and spectral-analyzers - this is the audio report of the scientist S. Grab as he tries to examine the monster he created.... the Frankenstein of Dub - It's ALIVE!

Total carnage, anarchist sonics for the age of the digital doom in feedback loop with a fast-turning physical world, the new dawn.

This one is for all the intrigued sound-freaks and those who wonder what it might sound like when the world can no longer be ruled by human beings, all the sci-fi fans who prefer the gritty, cyberpunk attire to over-polished far-out futuristix.

Take the red pill.


All tracks recorded live through a «no-input-mixing» setup and produced by Simon Grab @ ganzerplatz Studio
Mastered + cut by Adi Flück @ Central Dubs
Artwork + Graphic design by Hammer
Supported by Stadt Zürich, Kanton Zürich and Pro Helvetia

1. The New Kind 03:00
2. Apocalyptic Paranoia 01:57
3. Biomechanoids 03:11
4. Neurotransmitters 04:05
5. Transformation 03:11
6. New Horizons 03:17
7. Observatory 02:24
8. Neurochemical Behaviour 03:25
9. Phase of Multiplication 01:55
10. Altered Sleep 04:23
11. Exposure 02:43
12. Metanoia 03:06
13. Posthuman Wonderland 15:04 (DL CODE ONLY)

The New Kind

Apocalyptic Paranoia

Altered Sleep