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Sister Carol - Reggae Gone International

Jah Life

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Sister Carol's hit from the Black Cinderella LP in 1984, bigging up the music of Jamaica - that's Reggae Music - going international, worldwide >>>

A real nice piece of proud JA music, from Sister Carol, who released records on the likes of JA's Tuff Gong, Jah Life (which is where this tune came out) and her hometown NYC's 'Serious Gold' - a testament to the sound of Jamaican reggae music, the runnings of being a deejay in a competitive scene where you have to big up your chest to stand tall.
And you can hear the early warning signs of the digital dancehall explosion which was to come just a year later, in 1985 -
this rhythm here still features mostly live instruments such as bass guitar of course, but there are some digi signifiers such as that synth/keyboard part in here too.
Real solid piece, with a nice heartfelt, cool message from Sister Carol.

flipside, this first-time 7" release features a previusly unreleased dubplate cut -deep, heavyweight dubwise from the Jah Life crew, letting the drum ride the rhythm extra extra nice, with heaps of space for the bass.

'See I&I have the potential, me have the credential - in a dancehall.... reggae gone international'

Sister Carol – Reggae Gone International

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