• Skeksi - Liveness 2008-2012

Skeksi - Liveness 2008-2012

Feral Tapes

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- Part of our recent Feral Tapes box...

Skeksi live recordings from various situations and locations:

Tracks on Side A are entitled simply:


and on Side B:


The recordings vary from, rough and mildly distorted room mics to more close-up recordings...
The vibe is constantly present, whether Skeksi is on a ferocious electroid frenzy, or some 'Livity-Sound-On-An-Overdose-Of-Painkillers' techno path, this tape is packed full of that smokey, dense air that one would expect in the venue at the time of the recordings.

There are no digital copies of this floating on the internet at all - the clips are straight from the tape - this fact only adds to the whole excitement and feeling of participation.

Top stuff. Don't sleep...

Limited to 80 copies.
Two different sleeve colours: Purple or Cream.
Artwork by Daniel Ward.

Clip 1

Clip 2

Clip 3

Clip 4