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SKRS - Black Mazda Soundclash

Liquorish Records

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New SKRS material has landed, continuing the mission to take down all who try test.
This time along, the mysterious, prolific outfit from Vancouver/Philipines/Elsewhere pull together quickfire vocals from the soundclash, with a spaced out, meditative, occasionally eski-grime and slow-jam esque palette of sounds from across the globe, even taking some swerves and sways through eastern regions, breathing in Indian traditions with outer-regional sonics making it into the mist of JA-inspired frequency.
This might be SKRS most entrancing material yet, and it sits neatly alongside their slabs of recent output... Adding to the line with it's very own shine.

At a head-spinning 28 tracks deep, their latest sound comes in limited edition cassette via Amsterdam’s Liquorish Records.

For fans of the whole SKRS cosmology and otherworldly dub and dancehall... you know the score!
Everyone else: Enter, but please wear your safety belt.

Limited Edition of 150, cassettes, and they're sold out in most places already, just sayin'.

Side A:
01. SupraInvo
02. Dead2Nite
03. BussDead
04. Gunmen
05. BlackMazda
06. RunBorderline
07. SeventeenShoota
08. Everything2Me
09. GunInnamiHand
10. MurdaUrSound
11. LetDemKnow
12. ChandraRiddim
13. NoSound
14. WhoLike2Seet

Side B:
01. WatchoutRiddim
02. Here2Stay
03. WickedestSound
04. RealGunChampion
05. PassMIDIGun
06. Reach4Me
07. YourGirl
08. LightChalice
09. MachinePopoff
10. BigGunRiddim
11. AsLongAsIKnow
12. RuleDemAgain
13. IdiotSound
14. HearDemCome

Side A clip

Side B Clip