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SKRS - Her.Imperial.Majesty LP

Boomarm Nation

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SKRS dedication station is in transmission status once again -

Boomarm Nation keep 'em coming -
Following the cassette single, or 'cassingle' as they nicely put it, the Portland-based label give us a heap of new material from the elusive, yet ever-present SKRS / SKRSINTL / SeekersInternational guise outta Vancouver.

We have been fans ever since the Call From Below LP dropped on Digitalis, and we're still in love with the ROOTPRINCIPLE tape on NoCorner... then there was the ruff-chop madness in homage to the great 'Scientist' last year on Boomarm Nation of course!
SKRS has built up a strong aesthetic by now, a culmination of soundsystem culture and smoke-filled echo chambers on overload, with the wires sparking and the lights dimming with each blast of frequency shooting from outta the bassbins and tweeters.

This latest drop feels somewhere between ROOTPRINCIPLE's meditative zones and the frenzied dancehall style of SKRS - 'Reconsiders The Evil Curse Of The Vampire' ...

Dedicated to all the gyal across the globe H.I.M. kicks off with a track that sounds like a distilled transmission from Shaka's soundsystem in the late 80's, picked up by extra-terrestrial forces in outer-space - with the lightyears in between source and destination adding a touch of other-worldliness that refrains from the use of simplified musical structure.

Further on, we sit between the echoes and reverbs, with the voices and sirens blasting across head-space whilst the bassline rumbles our position... It's a mad journey. Mesmerizing and perhaps even bewildering at times, but this sensation is definitely more of a thrill than a bother -

Come on in and explore!

Served in a stunning gold sleeve.
Includes DL code.
Limited to 550 copies worldwide.

01 HerImperialMajesty.
02 SonOfHerMajesty.
03 LookGoodWeADealWit.
04 GyalCircuit.
05 SendWeASign.
06 StepUpFiComeUp.
07 ABwoyTest.
08 SophisticatedGirlVIP.
09 EverywhereABruk.
10 ShockoutGetWashout.

05: SendWeASign

03: LookGoodWeADealWit

09: EverywhereABruk

10: ShockoutGetWashout