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SKRS - TrustInDigikal / IfUWantMe

Bokeh Versions

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Brand new flexx with the original SKRSINTL on the fresh Bokeh Versions imprint!

Always a pleasure to experience a new incarnation of the SeekersInternational stuff, and here once again, we are lured into the most extra-terrestrial style of soundsystem that one can find on this planet.

TrustInDigikal is first up on this 45, twisting&turning in dancehall style & fashion like a transmission from a space station parallel to Kingston's Skateland, in session on the outskirts of Saturn, around 2075.
An intoxicating mash of counter-rhythm, fluid delays and worn out tape reels... SKRS in fine style, at times reminding of the brilliant RootPrinciple cassette that appeared on NoCorner a while ago.

The real gem however, is to be found on the AA side...
IfUWantMe brings a touch of heart-warming lovers rock into the squishy mould of dubwise pressure and late night boogie.
Sounding like a tripped out mix&blend of bruk up tape recordings from Dâm-Funk and Mad Professor in session, the amalgamation is perhaps one of SKRS most 'structured' pop-like tunes to date, and we love the style.

A great start for the highly promising Bokeh imprint, served up in a real good-lookin' colour sleeve -
designed by Mysteryforms of course.

Selector... Spark it and spin it!