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SKRSINTL x MX7 x MYSTERYFORMS - theShopApprentice

ICS Library Records

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SeekersInternational returns in fine combination style!

We're still absolutely gassed about the great 'ROOTPRINCIPLE' tape on NoCorner last year, and always keep a close eye and ear on the mysterious happenings around the SKRS 'dubwise dedication station' operating from somewhere around Vancouver, probably setting up camp in an echo chamber most of the time, with the lights down low and the amplifiers up high.

Released via ICS Library Records, this is a collaborative works between SKRS and MX7, alongside the visual representation from MYSTERYFORMS (responsible for most visual aspects of the Seekers imprint).

Load up the tape & turn up the equalizers.
As you'd expect, it's a super-heady, blissfull journey through a dense haze of dubwise that culminates from inside the speakerboxx and makes it's way into your brain in inimitable style and fashion.

With the synthesizer running straight through the tape-echo, distant vocals cutting through the mist - straight at a soundboys head - it's an aesthetic that is somewhat unique and highly original, yet the references are a big part of it's final outcome... If you listen closely there is much more to it than just a Jamaican heritage, which pops to mind at first... Perhaps there's even a bit of UK Pirate radio in here, or some Berlin techno reductions? The Basic Channel applies here in full force, but it's something far more alien than a tried and tested formula.

Do yourself the honour, load up these reels, dim the light and spark some incense or something... This is special stuff.

Proper limited edition hand-crafted styles on this, with some great artwork to boot.

Limited to 70, tape-only.
Includes signed and numbered, two colour, three way risograph poster - 11" x 15".
Each tape comes with a digital download.
Printed tape labels, printed inlay.


Radio Repairman (Side A Clip)

ShopApprentice (Side B Clip)