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Small Axe Bookzine 7 - Blackstones

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Another edition of the great Small Axe bookzine - this time shedding light on one of JA's lesser known vocal harmony groups - The Blackstones

Following on from that U Roy special, this time the long-running Small Axe zine, which was created to counteract the mainstream music press at the time and give some real knowledge to reggae heads in DIY style - this 50 page zine is packed with interesting info, anecdotes, quotes and pictures from legends of the scene, talking about The Blackstones, who worked with the likes of Bunny Lee and many of JA's greatest from the 70's onwards. Big tunes such as the scarce 'Babylon Trap Them' on Derrick, and '76 reggae styles with a nice soul twist on Daddy Kool 'We Nah Go Suffer' -
proper sweet harmony vocal styles from these three, and an interesting backstory -

this one's for all the heads, hungry for knowledge about true veterans from a legendary time when the Kingston reggae scene was exploding and evolving in so many ways,