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Snorre Magnar Solberg ‎– No-No 5


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No-No 5 is here.

Yes, yes, here it is, another depth charge from Bergen's very own Snorre Magnar Solberg, once again bringing the dankest of tribalized techno cuts together on well-pressed 12".
In signature Club No-No style, the label boss brings in new creative force in order to add versatility to that signature sound that has amassed over the course of these, always-gone-in-a-flash, records on the No-No label.
This time drawing from Norway's Subtil for extra remix work on both sides, the palette spares a little on the percussive elements in favour of a razored, whirling, very analogue electro-ish attribute to the rhythms, drifting between raw club tool to after-hour beatless shower.

As always, it's top class underground gear, and it can be added to the collection without hesitation (especially as too much hesitation might cause you to miss out - these go quick).

12" in black sleeve, B&W label, no BS.

(Btw, we still have a couple of those exclusive, oversized No-No posters from our last import box left, which we'll add to the package... First come, first served)

Track 1

Track 2 (Subtil Remix)

Track 3

Track 4 (Subtil Remix)