Snorre Magnar Solberg w/ DJ Sotofett & SVN ‎– No-No 2

Club No-No

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Club No-No, From the depths of Bergen, Norway - delivered via the Sex Tags pizza-the-action-import -

We had the pleasure of meeting Snorre a couple of times, once in Moss, Norway and also here in Bristol, where he delivered the soundtrack and visuals to the upstairs room of a party that was held with DJ Sotofett and Bjorn Torske, in a Hell's Angels club here in Bristol (No, really).

He's a very unassuming character, a humble tobacco-chewing Norwegian that runs perhaps one of the most underground labels to come out of the northern hemisphere - Club No-No.

Some may connect Norway with pro-longued daylight and extra-long nights, mountains and fjords... But who's to say that these tribalist techno reductions can't be added to the mix?

Throw in the able-hands of Sotofett and SVN to the mix, and we have some very hefty, heady, otherworldly rhythms - pressed to 12" disc and presented with equally peculiar and mesmerizing artwork, designed by the man himself: Snorre Magnar Solberg.

This is a record for the heads who know, the DJ's who aren't afraid to dig a bit deeper and the collectors of fine underground norwegian music.

Side A comes in flowing 5 parts: Snorre and Sotofett at the controls.
Side B is a full episode of rhythmical madness with SVN alongside Snorre.

This is good shit, don't sleep on it!

Snorre Magnar Solberg & DJ Sotofett - A

Snorre Magnar Solberg & SVN - B