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Snorre Magnar Solberg w/ Torsten Mills & Tom Ace - No No 3

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Fresh slab of wax from our friend in Bergen, Norway -

Snorre Magnar Solberg doesn't haste things with the output on his label, but it's well worth sticking around for, because each disc so far has been loaded with real authentic underground pressure, techno abstractions that have their roots firmly in the label's sonic.

Percussive, tripping, tribalistic oddities straight for your membrane, with enough floor shaking bassline to rumble a few unsuspecting dancers into a trance, following on from sessions with Sotofett & SVN, this time, Snorre has invited Torsten Mills & Tom Ace down for the jam.

No-No 3 A works some wonderful percussive dynamics via polyrhythmic percussion, the brain and body constantly trying to solve the puzzle whilst catching up with the groove - 10mins in, and we're still chugging on that beat... Also try mixing this with Villalobos' remix of 'Blood On My Hands' and you might go even further down memory lane... Mad good.
No-No 3  B is tough and shaking techno stuff, underbelly acid business - not for those with digestive problems or a weak-heart. If you're not a seasoned stomper, pop a couple Garys to this and you'll be absolutely fine.

Club No-No bossman Snorre has kindly sent us the last handful of his latest poster design for the 04/03/16 release party of this 12" in Norway -
A B&W maze of graphics and patterns, straight from the psychadelic vaults of the No-No sketchbook...

Printed on A1 paper, each record ships with one of these, and you can only get them from this store!

Snorre Magnar Solberg & Torstein Mills - No-No 3 A

Snorre Magnar Solberg & Tom Ace - No-No 3 B