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Sockethead - Harj-o-Marj


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YOUTH sidestep yr expectations yet again with one of their spikiest, out + out experimental releases to date.

Sockethead (or Richard Harris to his ma) is a new name to most I expect, unless yr clued up to the Return II Zero NTS show and clubnight he runs alongside FUMU (hails) and Turinn. Mr. Discogs Detective here reckons there are some linkages between those new RAT HEART & Michael J. Blood projects that have been blowing minds in recent months too. These affiliations should give you a good idea of the territory we’re in...

Over the 2 sides, we’re treated to a dizzying range of post-post-industrial sonics; S‘head hoovering-up and spitting out everything in sight; from mutant-vocal-house (Devotion & In Search of Truth) to a softboi/rudeboi amen-lashdown (Chaos Portrait). ‘My Days Are As Dark As Nights’ and ‘Love Loss Missing Yearning’ exude that pitch-perfect Youth sound; distorted downtempo drill, droll-R’n’B and languid jackerz, though with Rich’s distinctively Northern incantations added atop, it feels more in-line with the punk/industrial canon. Street-noise ballad ‘Weights Chains & Forgetful Remembrance’ (definite highlight) in particular stinks to high-heaven of output of the Avon Terror Corps.

‘When I Close My Eyes I See Paint’ does exactly what it says on the tin, splashing yr minds-eye with amorphous purple blobs of electricity, invoking the spectre of the Bristolian Purple Sound of yesteryear. The presence of Sun Ra looms large over ‘Synchronicity’, whilst ‘Hyena Clan’ goes way off-piste into near Moon Musick territory, a warbling folk-tronic nu-Pagan ritual.

Supposedly recorded in a caravan over a couple of weeks in rural Scotland, it does have that pongy air of a man feverishly tinkering on a "diet" of caffeine and THC, throwing everything at the wall. The surprising bit is just how much of this sonic-spag actually sticks!

FFO: THAT YOUTH SOUND (FUMU, SHAMOS, L.LUND etc.) & Modern Love (Demdike Stare, G.H, Low Jack etc.), Avon Terror Corps, Coil, Jamal Moss etc.


1. Genesis Redux 03:04
2. When I Close My Eyes I See Paint 02:25
3. Chaos Portrait 02:29
4. Love, Loss, Missing, Yearning 03:01
5. Devotion 04:45
6. Synchronicity 03:11
7. In Search Of Truth 03:22
8. Jahiliyyah 04:32
9. All My Days Are Dark As Night 02:48
10. Weights, Chains and Forgetful Rememberance 02:41
11. You Are Not A Machine 03:43
12. Hyena Clan 01:39
13. Gravity Stone Ally 01:33
14. Webale 01:47

Genesis Redux

Weights, Chains & Forgetful Rememberance


In Search Of Truth