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Sofrito ft. Swinging Stars Of Dominica - Las Mal Parlé / Jam jam


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London label Sofrito continue their fun-loving streak with a pair of band-assisted Haitian-Latin tracks from the island of Dominica.

Credited as Swinging Stars of Dominica and Swinging Stars Orchestra, the clue's very much in the band titles - swung rhythms, blasts of brass and cowbells abound here. Both tracks are totally timeless and have the kind of freshness that make reissues like this such a treat to discover. Top quality stuff.

A side Las Mal Parle is the Haitian dancefloor filler with a rhythm so catchy it borders on virulent, and we mean that in a really, really, really good way - an absolutely joy-inducing track, primed for some serious playing in the dance this Summer.

B side Jam Jam ramps up the Latin elements - out with the vocal, in with a truly epic dose of cowbells and a lick of Rhodes keys, all the while keeping them swung rhythms and brassy brock-outs.

And there you have it, another killer pair from the label that can do no wrong, Sofrito!

Las Mal Parle

Jam jam