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Sofrito Super Single - Ivoire Promotion EP


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Fantastic 12" edits from the Sofrito camp -

Always a pleasure getting our hands on a new Sofrito disc (and that's not always easy either).

Once again, they've pulled an explosive set of afro-centric cuts out of the bag and pressed it up on high-quality disc, cut loud enough to make sure even the people at the back of the dancefloor can feel the vibration, and the incline to move.

First up, “Nassima” is a deep hybrid of Soukous and Highlife, recorded in Abidjan in 1975 by the mysterious Bazaré D. Pablo. Thumping percussion, intricate guitar, ethereal vocals and a solid bassline add up to a perennial Sofrito classic that never fails.

Colourful, lighthearted and uplifting highlife as you come to expect from the 70's in this region, really great stuff to kickstart the disc on a high-note, just before we delve deeper into the rhythm-driven B-Side by Atalaku 8 – a Paris-based Ivoirien/Congolese group operating out of the legendary Kos studio, who lay down a seriously infectous Coupé Décalé track, topped off with a an expertly mixed Siwo dub.

This one's dancefloor compatible in it's bpm and in it's structure... So if you're looking to inject some upbeat flavour into your DJ set - this disc will deliver the goods, and we pretty much guarantee you that it will make people move... How can you not?


Bazaré D. Pablo - Nassima 12

Atalaku 8 - Africa - Original Mix

Atalaku 8 - Africa - Siwo Dub