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Soft Boi - So Nice

Climate Of Fear

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Wicked album from the unstoppable Pessimist, laying it down in Soft Boiiiiiiiii style -

A very welcome package has just arrived from Berlin / NYC's 'Climate Of Fear' label.
Although this one came here from overseas, we'd say this is a very 'Bristol' package, with music from the 1 Pessimist, coming at you with his new Soft Boi alias, exploring his soulful, tongue-in-cheek side, and channelling late 80's / 90's / early 00's downbeat style breakbeat music that the city became so famed for, and injecting that potion with an extra dose of heartthrob humour, and a few measured doses of deadly drum & bass flavour at half speed.

The perfect record for broken hearts, for moments of lonely solace or for fed up lovers. Or just those in search of a smooth groove that can also itch your gunfingers and cause a bit of screwface action at the same time.

"...Across this languid backdrop, Kristian Jabs narrates the inner monologue of his Soft Boi counterpart. By turns cheeky, seething and emotive, his terse lyrics dissect modern masculinity with unflinching control. Hours blearily wasted on dating apps, spiraling arguments and circular obsessions, the clammy loneliness of self-obsession and the rigid fury of objectification all spread out across the album like an oil spill.

From the opening credits roll of “Saying Hi To You,” through the slo-mo rave sheen of “Fais Moi La Guerre” (feat Nastychong), the junglist malaise of “And Shout” and the boiled trip hop of “Guestlist,” “So Nice” is an album of surprising violence, tightly coiled and covered in an artificially-sweetened pop glaze. As Soft Boi, Jabs reclaims the conceptual from its oft-clinical corner, giving us a concept / breakup album rooted in the club marketplace, executed with punk’s jugular concision and driven by a deep antipathy for modern life & love."

This one has all the ingredients to become a bit of a cheeky modern classic, we reckon.
The kind of thing you can have on loop for days, weeks - It has all those classic components of arrangement, groove and melody that mean you can come back to it again and again, like a kind of comforting habit amongst the rush of the modern day world.

2 x 12" in printed sleeve.
Mastered and cut at Dubplates & Mastering.
Pressed at Monotype.

Fais Moi La Guerre" (feat Nastychong)

Something To Say

And Shout

For A Moment